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QA Quest is an all-in-one resource teaching you all about testing in the gaming industry!

Here you’ll find information about what being a video game tester actually involves. From tips on how to start your career in the profession, to teaching the necessary skills to excel; we aim to educate that testing is more than “just playing games all day”.

Researched and written by specialists who have real life experience inside the industry, we want to help everyone discover how important QA is for getting awesome games from the developers’ code straight to your hands for a bug-free and memorable experience.

Recent articles:

QA 101: How to write awesome Test Cases

In our last article, How to create a Test Suite, we focused on creating test suites for a game project. We put together an outline of features that we should test and thought about different testing scenarios. Through this, we have a good idea of the types of ways in which to test the features…

QA101: How to create a Test Suite

Put on your lab coats, because today the QA101 series is going to get practical. No more theory, we’re going to look into the process of writing test suites! If you’re still uncertain of the theory, then take a glance back at our piece on designing your test cases and test suites. If you’re already…

QA101: How to Design your Test Cases and Test Suites

So you’re working through the test process. You’ve gotten through the initial planning and information collection. You can now move on to the design stage and begin devising the testing that you’re going to use on your project. Taking the gathered information, you start writing test cases. Once you’ve done that, you should collect them…

QA101: How to Create a Plan for Video Game Testing

In our last article, we outlined the entire Test Process and gave an overview of the included stages. But you may be wondering what each part represents in more detail. Today we’re covering the integral first step; Planning & Strategy stage. To do so, we’ll also be showcasing examples of the work that you’ll likely…


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